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The Muscle Tech LTD company has been formed in 2000 in the United States of America. We specialize in export of sports proteins to such countries as Russia, Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore, France, Italy and to some countries of Central Asia. For anybody it is not a secret, that proteins are necessary for each athlete or just the person who visits every day the gym for maintenance of own physical fitness. Protein is the most known kind of sports food. For this reason, 18 years ago, the founder of the company had a thought about opening of the entity on export of proteins. Fortunately, it was the correct step. The Muscle Tech LTD company exports all kinds of proteins. And also has 13 branches and more than 100 employees. Almost during of 17 years of its activities we managed to take a strong and steady position in the markets of above-mentioned countries, and our products began to use in huge demand in these countries in view of high quality and efficiency. GET STARTED The annual turnover of the company is 20,000,000 US dollars. Every year the Muscle Tech LTD company achieves to obtain more and more progress. Every day we get letters with the offer about the cooperation from representatives of countries to which we don’t export our products yet, and we sign new contracts about the increasing the volume of our exports of our products with representatives of above-mentioned countries. As the result of such activities, is expected double increase of our income in the nearest future. In difference from suppliers of other goods which must constantly and actively to search of consumers, the consumers of our products is the completely formed market which isn’t requiring additional marketing researches. Invest in products of the Muscle Tech LTD company, and you will gain stable income together with us. In the 21st century the sport becomes an integral part of mankind, and it is means while is a sport, there are also proteins.

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