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The team of has developed many services dedicated to the topic of anti-fraud on the Internet. Due to the rapid development of the HYIP   market on the Internet, we have created a HYIP monitoring service that allows its visitors to keep up to date with the latest news. The new projects on the Internet, every day becoming more and more, they appear as mushrooms after the autumn rains, while choosing the best quality reliable alternative to investing, is a very daunting task. You should understand that investing on the Internet puts you at a high risk of encountering scammers along the way. Fraudsters among the holders of HYIP programs are enormous, with each day they behave more aggressively and improve their criminal activities whose purpose is to deceive a decent depositor and seize him with money by preaching fabulous percentages paid through a new tributary Contributions from Other Investors.

The service, in turn, does not stop at the end, our team is daily devising new tools, with With the help of which the checking of the haybacks becomes more perfect and as simple as possible. All the data that is displayed on the page with the haip are generated by our robot online, it displays information about the technical characteristics of the selected HYIP for the moment. We will be glad to listen to our users' opinions. You can always send us suggestions on the development of new and improved old algorithms of our robot by filling out the form in the section of "Feedback".

Today, our visitor can get a lot of data that will allow him to quickly analyze the project, for this to be entered in the search form name or domain name of the HYIP program and press "Enter", followed by the following information:

  • Whois domain information. This tool allows our visitor to find out enough information about the history of the domain name of the investment project. This parameter is important because it displays information about where the HYIP server is located, how much time has passed since it was opened and when the domain name activation expires;
  • Alexa metrics. Alexa's service is a very useful tool for analyzing any hype. Using it when checking out the project, you can get a huge amount of information that is needed by all investors: the position of the project in the world, the number of referring domains, the country in which the project is more developed, the competitors in the project, etc.
  • HYIP Status on All Monitors. This tool allows our visitors to see the status of the project of interest at the same time on all HYIP monitors that are on the network. Agree to check an investment project on dozens of sites daily, this is not very convenient. Our platform allows you to get this information in a few seconds;
  • Presence SSL certificate and presence of protection against DDoS attacks. These parameters play an important role in choosing HYIP. The SSL certificate allows you to keep secret of all your data that you provided to the project when registering an account. DDoD Protection reports that the project is securely protected. This happens when projects are closed due to the inability to recover data after conducting similar attacks.
  • TOP STABLE PROJECTS. Every day, given the huge amount of hype parameters that our robot gives us, we list the most reliable and stable projects.

Please note that any information about HYIP, no matter how flawed it is displayed on our site, is always a risk! Do not invest the last or the borrowed money, it is recommended to use only those funds that you are ready to lose immediately after replenishing your account in the investment program. Any information on the site is not a guarantee of the safety of your contributions.

Tell friends the service so they are up to date with the market:

We wish you great success, just enjoy the participation in the projects and always go to the plus!

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Пётр Щепелев >
19.02.2019 в 11:33
Сегодня должен был закончиться мой депозит, но админ продлил его на 56 дней!!!! Я в шоке!!! Деньги они не вернут точно!!!
Евгений Девятых >
19.02.2019 в 03:46
Утренний инстант:
$6.42 has been successfully sent to your PerfectMoney account U189****.
Transaction batch is 247042742...
Виктор Иванов >
17.02.2019 в 16:55
скам второй раз
Саша Лищук >
17.02.2019 в 13:50
Здраствуйте!!! сайт меня обманул....Вчера я вложыл 50.50$ на 3 дня и сиводня я должен был иметь первий доход но иво нету... и служба поддержки молчит.... please please please
Константин >
16.02.2019 в 19:26
Ни как, они уже почти месяц аки блочат, копейки платят.
Alex NAA >
16.02.2019 в 19:16
Received Payment from account U18781093. Memo: API Payment. payment. cool
Вика Виктория >
16.02.2019 в 01:54 лохотрон с 10.02.2019 не платит!!! Админ на письма не отвечает!!! В личном кабинете сайта отображаются выплаты, а на Payeer кошелек они не поступают...
Евгений >
16.02.2019 в 01:45
Платит инстант:
$10.92 has been successfully sent to your PerfectMoney account U189***.
Transaction batch is 246680564.
Александр Юрьевич >
15.02.2019 в 07:39
Не платит, поддержка не работает
nantipov1 nantipov1 >
15.02.2019 в 07:30
Отличный проект. Платит, присоединяйтесь к нам в команду
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